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Oak Meadow | Golden Dawn

It feels so good to be outside shooting again! I hope the rest of this year brings many more dreamy shoots like these. I got to work with the amazing goddess Morgannah again, for this beautiful shoot capturing the launch of Oak Meadow Clothings new line; Golden Dawn. 

Here are a few of my favourites, including some magical floral double exposures! All shot on 35mm film, on the Mornington Peninsula.

BIAS BASICS 35mm Editorial

I recently worked on the most beautiful shoot for a new label launching this year called Bias Basics. It’s a new project by the creator of Hazel & Folk, so I knew it would be absolutely gorgeous in every way. The simple linen pieces come in the most lovely, soft pastel hues - I honestly can’t wait to get one of each! The models in this shoot are beautiful local ladies Morgannah, Kelsey and Taylah, they captured the essence of Bias perfectly. We all gathered at a local beach on the Mornington Peninsula for a picnic and to create dreamy photo magic.

All of these images were shot on 35mm film using Kodak Portra 160, my favourite go to film. It’s interesting noticing the different colours and hues of blue and aqua that show up uniquely on various kodak films. 

You can see the full set of images here, and watch this space for the super 8 vid that is currently being developed from this shoot! 

A fresh roll of film developed at Shibui!

For a while I have been looking for a new place to develop film that actually get’s it… Last week I sent off my first roll to be developed and scanned at Shibui Film on the Gold coast - a little far but definitely worth it! I am so impressed with the quality of their scans, and the fact that they had the option of black frame scans - I have never seen this available anywhere else and was so excited to give it a try. The results are beautiful! 

This particular roll of film was shot on Kodak Colour Plus 200, one of my favourite everyday film stocks. It is mostly shots of Australian native flowers and of an adventure with a lovely new friend and fellow photographer Vanessa. We took a walk around Balnarring and saw so many wonderful plants and flowers along the way. 

As you may have noticed if you’ve been following my 35mm film work, I simply can not get enough of plants/nature/flowers/magical tiny things in the world.

The last shot here is a floral double exposure of the view from my favourite lookout over the Mornington Peninsula. I still can’t believe that I get to live here!

My first Super 8mm film!

I’ve been wanting to experiment with Super 8 for so long and I finally made it happen! It seems like a natural progression from my 35mm work, I don’t know why it took me so long to get started! For whatever reason, the time is finally right and I am diving deep in to the world of Super 8mm and of video in general. I have been held back in the past by the overwhelming idea of video editing, and it seemed like something so massive to start learning. The great thing about super 8 is that there isn’t much editing required, the movie is pure perfection even with all of its ‘mistakes’ and happy accidents.

This film is pretty much just a day with my partner as we go about exploring our new neighbourhood in the Mornington Peninsula, and some quirky shots around the house as I played around with idea’s. My favourite scene is when Liam picks the lemon from the lemon tree and I chase a fallen lemon down the driveway! 

I can’t wait to start making more of these movies, especially for fashion and wedding clients. Stay tuned for a million more video’s!

35mm Portraits | Stefania + Artful Blooms

My recent shoot in collaboration with Artful Blooms in Dromana turned out to be quite possibly my favourite 35mm film portrait shoot to date! 

I worked with the beautiful Melbourne model Stefania Gertis on this artistic collaboration. I love shoots like these, where the entire purpose is to get really creative and see where the day takes you! I played around with double exposures and vintage Cokin filters to get some unusual creative effects. The beautiful pampas grass and dried palm leaves were so beautiful to use against the lovely blue ocean. I am loving living on the Mornington Peninsula, there are so many incredible photo locations!

These images were all shot on 35mm film using my wonderful Nikon Fm2 and my Canon 1n with some different prime lenses. I always get amazing results with this camera, I really recommend it.

Here are some of my favourite shots from the shoot, you can see the full series here.

My Mini Natural History Collection

I finally got to unpacking my little collection of nature bits! I love collecting things on my walks around nature, and these items are all so precious to me. I remember where they all came from and associate them with different memories. One day I’d love to have a big natural history collection in a room full of vintage drawers with specimens everywhere. I should have been a naturalist in the 18th century! 

Dreamy Floral Double Exposures

I recently shared a post over at The Runaway Hearts with all of the dreamy floral double exposure shots I’ve been working on. I had to share it again here because I had such great feedback and was thinking about creating another post as a guide to creating multiple exposures (Look out for that really soon!) See the full story here.

Here are some of my favourites shots…

Cranbourne Botanical Gardens

I recently visited Cranbourne Botanical Gardens outside Melbourne and had a field day taking shots on my 35mm film camera. Liam and I absolutely absolutely love spending time together exploring parks and gardens. He has an endless supply of plant knowledge and is constantly inspiring me to learn more about plants, especially Australian natives. Two pea’s in a pod, I know! Thank goodness we found each other. 

Here are some of my favourite shots from the day, the banksia’s are my favourite! 

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